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RHK TECH Goddess's Birthday Surprise
 Nov 01, 2023|View:1391

The goddess's birthday is coming soon, we quietly prepared a birthday surprise for our hardworking boss.

Thank you to her for leading everyone to work actively and diligently, giving us opportunities to learn, constantly enriching ourselves, and realizing personal value.

We started planning the boss's birthday surprise one week in advance, everyone decorated the meeting room together and waited for the boss's arrival......


Which woman doesn't love flowers? A colleague also prepared a special bouquet of money generating flowers, which contained lottery tickets.

Due to our boss's great love for coffee and excellent taste, we carefully selected a set of coffee cups, Sure enough, she really likes our gift.


The birthday cake has an elegant design and a delicious taste. Eating all is our best evaluation.


In China, eating birthday noodles for birthdays represents health and longevity. We must cook a bowl of longevity noodles for our goddess, lol~


All the surprises come from the love of family and friends. The goddess said she would treat us to hot pot, wow~

Happy birthday to our goddess of RHK TECH!!!