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Fume Extraction Welding Torch
 Nov 19, 2021|View:608

Environmental Protection Fume Extraction Welding Torch

Environmental Protection Fume Extraction Welding Torch

The design of collection systerm is integrated on the welding body, high negative pressure is usded to absorb and discharge welding dust. (potratly dust purfier is required)

Long term protection of welder respiratory system, reduce environmental pollution, more healthy and more environmentally friendly choice.

Welding Fume Extraction Gun can be efficiently protect welders risk from welding fumes

The risk of harmful welding fumes

As people concerns, during the welding , welders will face the risk of harmful welding fumes. The awareness of the risk and illness has increased and then new regulations and

obligations for employers have come into force. People no longer ignored the risk.

RHK Fume Extraction Gun protect welders for health and better life

All the welders are started to looking for health and better life. The great news is RHK awareness and concerns welders health risk. With a fume extraction gun, the welding fume

are collected directly from the nozzle during welding. By this way, it provides the safe working environment for welder and entire team.


Protective Gas Type340A CO2/ 290A Mix
Test Gas Flow10-25L/min
Welding MethodMIG/MAG Welding
Length3m or customized
Rated Load Duration60%
Guiding MethodManual
Voltage Rating≤113V
Rear InterfaceEuro Type
TypeMIG Welding Torch