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Watching welding will make you blind?
 Apr 08, 2022|View:195

What happens to your eyes when you often watch people burn electric welding?

Walking on the road, we often see electric welders with protective tools at the door of the hardware store burning electric welding. Welders must wear protective tools before they dare to watch. Is it particularly lethal? Then I walked by and accidentally saw it, will I be blind?


Welding is actually a process in which a strong discharge generates a lot of heat. At different temperatures, photons of different wavelengths are excited to generate arc light. This generated arc mainly includes three types: infrared, visible and ultraviolet. The harm of ultraviolet rays to the human eye cannot be underestimated, and it is the main culprit that causes various eye discomforts. Ultraviolet rays are light with a frequency of 750THz to 30PHz in sunlight, corresponding to a wavelength of 400nm to 10nm (nanometers) in vacuum.

The surface of our eyeball is covered with a clear layer of corneal and conjunctival tissue. The cornea generally covers the dark circle, and the conjunctival tissue covers the white eyeball. The conjunctiva and corneal tissue together make up the tissue structure of our ocular surface. This layer of tissue structure can easily absorb a large amount of ultraviolet rays that are invisible to our naked eyes, causing tissue cells to gradually edema and necrosis, resulting in inflammation or even large-scale defects in the surface of the eye. At this time, you will feel the pain of the heart. This is often said to be the cause of the misunderstanding that it is easy to be blinded when seeing the electric welding. The eye damage caused by a large amount of ultraviolet radiation, the doctor's professional diagnosis of ultraviolet keratitis.


Ultraviolet keratitis is an acute ocular symptom that occurs only after exposure to a large amount of ultraviolet rays. At the same time, because ultraviolet rays can only travel in a straight line and are easily weakened during the propagation process, when we walk on the road and see someone burning electric welding on the street, as long as we don’t stare, our eyes will be fine. Although the amount of ultraviolet radiation in the daily environment is much weaker than that of welding, ultraviolet lamps, etc., it can still be absorbed by the tissues of the eye all the time.

Ultraviolet rays are everywhere in life, and everyone can wear lenses with anti-ultraviolet function, such as sunglasses, color-changing mirrors, etc., when they are outdoors. It is a good choice for people with myopia, avoiding the troublesome problem of replacing two pairs of glasses. Photochromic lenses that change color with UV intensity and temperature. Under the exposure of outdoor light and ultraviolet rays, it quickly darkens, blocks strong light, absorbs ultraviolet rays, and protects the eyes.