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Good luck in construction 2023
 Jan 29, 2023|View:1522


Dear Customers,

Wish you have a nice day and everything goes well.

Today is Eighth Day of the first lunar month of our Chinese New Year Holiday (Spring Festival), today is also the day that our company come back to work.

With our traditions in China, our company would prepare the big Red Envelop (Lucky Money) to welcome us back to office with a lot of snacks and food,
please refer to the attachment for the picture of us so that you can also feel it from thousand miles away.

1. Good Luck of New Beginning
2. Congratulations of New Beginning
3. Wish you a wonderful beginning

With your support in the past years of our welding Products, I really hope in the new year of 2023, we would have more and more business with you and your honored company!

Looking forward to your kind reply and cooperations, I am always around you!

Best regards,